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Techniques & Services

The techniques we use in your chiropractic care will be selected based on your needs and preferences. We’ll choose what we think will help you progress fastest. A combination of techniques may be most effective for your adjustments.


Activator Methods®

This light instrument adjustment is highly specific and produces no cracking or popping sounds. Read more…


A vibratory instrument gives multiple impulses to adjust your spine. The instrument is plugged in, and no hands are used in this adjustment. It’s great for muscle adhesions and trigger points. Read more…

Full Spine Adjusting

A manual adjustment is done by hand. This is our primary technique used on the majority of our patients. You may hear a noise as gas in the joint is released, but this is normal and not a cause for concern.

Pediatric Drop Piece

Babies can sit comfortably on mom’s lap during their comfortable, gentle adjustments.


A gentle adjustment with no popping or cracking is great for disc issues and children. This technique is hands-on and realigns your joints so they can gently move back into place. Read more…

Comfortable Chiropractic Care

Adjustments at Family Tree Chiropractic are gentle. We’ll use only the techniques that you’re comfortable with. Each method is effective at taking pressure off your nerves and allowing your body to heal itself and function the way it should. If at any time you’re uncomfortable, let us know and we’ll alter what we’re doing. Chiropractic is safe and has no side effects, unlike taking medication or having surgery.

With so many techniques available, we can take care of your entire family! Contact our office today to schedule a time.

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