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Family Tree Chiropractic Reviews

Our practice members love it here at Family Tree Chiropractic. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you! (251) 943-0569

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Erica’s Chiropractic Story


Highly Recommend

So happy we were referred here. I had a bad fall about 10 months ago and have been in pain since. Two doctors and second one gave me two epidurals which relieved some pain temporarily. After first treatment by Dr. Chris my pain and tenderness were considerably less. Second treatment brought exceptional relief. I believe I will be permanently healed thru this practice. I highly recommend Dr. Chris.

I believe I will be permanently healed thru this practice.

Ann K.


Readily Available if Needed

Doctor Chris is very informative about my health and he has educated me on Chiropratic and how this will effect your overall health of your body as well as mind. Courtney greets you with a smile and the office is so clean and proffesional. Dr Jen is always ready availible if needed and is always concerned on how you are feeling as well. I’m so happy that I started as I have been seeing such great results in my overall health and would highly recommend both Dr Chris and Dr Jen.

I will always continue as I would tell someone, do not wait until you have an ache, Chiropratic is about being healthy and staying healthy.

Kathleen C.


Family Tree Chiropractic Has Changed My Life!

Here’s a team of chiropractors (Dr. Jen and Dr. Chris Aliment) who have turned my life around and changed it for the better. The care I am receiving is making a world of difference and is a catalyst for a most welcome transformation. They are truly bone wizards, (yes I said it, bone wizards). Under their care, they have taken me from a hobbling Quasimodo-esque lady to now, a tail wagging ‘under-construction,’ Masterpiece. Think, like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again except this time with success!Read more…

My first office visit included an exam, consultation and x-rays. Dr. Chris made me feel right at home and we discussed my treatment plan and ongoing care. By the way, the care you’ll receive there puts the c in compassion, combined with being very attentive, careful listeners. Not only are they getting my bones in the rights spots but the care is also an ongoing educational experience: about learning what I can do to help my body hold the position, i.e. they’ve provided suggestions and instructions for lifestyle changes, etc. From theraband stretches (I’m learning to appreciate that red band), neck exercises, with interpreting my radiology reports, connecting with my physical therapist too, all with continuity of my care in mind. No joke: I can now walk again and finally smile from being in less pain. They know their stuff; I couldn’t be in better hands: I know it, I feel it. Absolutely epic!  Also, the interior is clean, calm and inviting.

Bottom line: Family Tree Chiropractic wants to help you on your healing journey and get you back among the living and in better shape than ever. When everything is in alignment, life is simply, better.

Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you so much!

Megan M.


La La Love This Place!

I have never been to a chiropractor before and I am now kicking myself in the head for not having done so years ago. If you are hurting (and if you know me I’m broken) you need to make your way down to visit with Dr. Chris Aliment and he will fix you right up!! One of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Soooo worth it! Dr. Chris genuinely wants you to get better and will give you different options that work for you and your work schedule.

He is very straight forward and truthful. Get your life back!

Lynn K.


Saturday Morning Fix!

I woke up on a Saturday morning with a shooting back pain. I called Family Tree Chiropractic and Dr. Chris made himself available to see me within 30 minutes. The session was awesome. He went through an extensive evaluation that included x-rays to not only diagnose my pain but also to understand the overall health of my spine. This was followed up by a “fixing” session that provided instant relief.Read more…

For my next appointment, he chalked out a detailed recovery plan that included “fixing sessions”, posture guidance and exercises to not only treat my back pain but also improve the health of my spine. The plan also had treatment options based on our insurance coverage.

I have had about 14 sessions with Dr. Chris and needless to say my experience has been awesome. He is extremely passionate about what he does and has magic in his hands. The office is very flexible and accommodates my work hours. They don’t push and truly let the patients decide the scope of the treatment.  Plus, I really liked the fact that the practice aims at first understanding what is wrong and then recommending a holistic recovery of the spine.

My wife had been visiting a different chiropractor and after my experience she gladly switched to Family Tree under the supervision of Dr. Jen. One other motivation for her to switch was that she could see their cute dog, Fenway more often.

All in all…Family Tree has truly earned our “business!”

Amit S.


First Class Chiropractor!

Family Tree Chiropractic is fantastic!! I called the office one afternoon because I was experiencing a very unusual shoulder and arm pain. They were able to fit me in that afternoon which gave them bonus points RIGHT away! Dr. Chris was so thorough with his evaluation and took the time to explain each step of the evaluation and why it was important. I also appreciated the fact that there was a follow up visit to review the results of the evaluation – during that follow up, I knew that my results had been reviewed by him and he had time to evaluate closely before taking the time to explain them to me. Each of my visits since the initial have been great! Not only has the pain in my arm subsided but I know that Dr. Chris is working to help me get to a better overall health.

The office staff is super friendly, easy to deal with and just plain fun! I never mind having to go in for an appointment! The office is very clean. If you have children, this place is a dream for them! There is a big screen TV playing cartoon movies and plenty of fun things to occupy them while you are being treated. I also understand they really enjoy treating children, I have seen a few little patients while I’ve been there.

Overall, I can only say great things! Dr. Chris and his wife, Dr. Jen have established a very special practice and I would be happy to recommend them to any of my family or friends!

Megan K.


Thank You Family Tree Chiropractic For Coming To Foley And Making Me Feel Welcomed

I just want to add it makes a world of a difference when you are seen by a healthcare provider that actually care and listen to your situation. I feel comfortable each time I go into this office. It’s a very pleasant environment and you feel like you are welcome and wanted to come there. I have been in the customer service business for over 20 years and once you have been working in an environment dealing with customers on a regular basis you can actually feel when you go into a place and know if you are accepted and wanted there. Ease of appointments are very easy and flexible they don’t mind working with your schedule if you have a conflict in your job schedule. It is very hard to find a healthcare provider that is willing to work a little late if you were getting off work late or stay a little longer if you need it. I just want to say thank you Family Tree Chiropractic for coming to Foley and making me feel welcome.

Thank You Family Tree Chiropractic For Coming To Foley.

Conswella P.


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